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You’re Un-burg-iveable Halifax!

You’re Un-burg-iveable Halifax!

Well Halifax, you did it again, surpassing expectations for this year’s event in a pandemic bubble. Even though Burger Week was a little later this year—beef-er late than never—participants brought in a total of $126,000 for Feed Nova Scotia’s satellite of charities & food banks. Since every two dollars equates to 3 meals Feed Nova Scotia can provide that means this year’s burger eaters provided 189,000 meals for Nova Scotians in need. High five Halifax.

We’re over-the-moon excited with the results of this year’s Burger Week,” said Karen Theriault at Feed Nova Scotia. “Despite the many curve balls of 2020, it’s truly amazing what our community has achieved through this event. We’re forever grateful to The Coast, participating restaurants, and every single person who purchased a Feed Nova Scotia burger. Because of you, we can distribute enough food for 189,000 meals.”

We also want to thank all the restaurants and their staff who worked hard keeping COVID protocols in the face of big crowds. We respect all the work and care you put in to your establishments, helping create safe and clean dining experiences for all of us.

Thanks for coming along for the 8th annual burger week ride. Time sure fries when you’re giving back to the community.

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