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Where’s the beef?

Good day, my burger-loving friends!

Some of you will recall the Big Burger from last year. For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m talking about or need a refresher, the Big Burger is a 15-foot giant inflatable burger. I know, it’s wild!

Well, we’re back again this year with the Big Burger! Take a look at our Twitter everyday (@TwitCoast) to see where it is. We’ll be giving away swag, prizes, and you have the opportunity to donate to Feed NS!

If you donate to Feed NS, we’ll give you a special special sticker! Once you’re finished with your Burger Week passport, drop it in the ballot box and you have the chance to win free movies for a year from Feed Nova Scotia.

The #MINIBurger can be spotted at the Big Burger too! Make sure to snap a pic and tag it #BurgerValet for your chance to win a ride to ‘n’ from your choice of #HFXBurgerWeek resto.

See you at the #BigBurger!

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