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That’s a wrap, folks!

That’s a wrap, folks!

Hi burger b’ys!
Well, here’s to another wild #HFXBurgerWeek under our belt. This has been the most successful Burger Week to date! With 149 official locations serving up their unique burger creations, you all came out and pattied like it was 1999.
This year’s Feed Nova Scotia numbers were astronomical. Burger Week raised $150,000 for Feed NS’s satellite of charities & food banks – all thanks to you!
Alright, time to simmer down and get serious. Thanks to you, the eaters, Feed Nova Scotia is able to provide 225,000 meals to Nova Scotians in need. From your wallets to Feed NS, the money raised during this #HFXBurgerWeek will help secure food for so many people.
You may like your meat medium-rare, but over here we like our Burger Week well-done.
Until next time!

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