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No burger left behind

No burger left behind

In untested days like these, local small businesses and food insecure Nova Scotians need our support more than ever before.

Relish the spirit of Halifax Burger Week and consider supporting your favourite local restaurant. Sure, some restaurants may be closed due to the pressing situation, however, many have online options for purchasing take-out and gift cards. Check out their websites and social accounts to find out how to contribute.

Another way to support Nova Scotians in need is to donate to Feed Nova Scotia. Feed Nova Scotia says that at this point, the best way to help is to donate funds. Provide a one-time gift or sign up for monthly giving–if you’re already a monthly donor, consider increasing your contribution.

Click here to make a Feed Nova Scotia donation or sign up for monthly giving.

We have a strong community, just look at the $435k raised for Feed Nova Scotia over the last seven years of Halifax Burger Week. Lettuce come together now to help those who need it most.

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