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With heavy sauce we bring you a Halifax Burger Week update from Burger Week HQ here at The Coast. 

Due to ongoing COVID-19 updates we have decided to postpone #HFXBurgerWeek until June 2020. 

This decision wasn’t made lightly. There is currently no directive from Public Health to keep eaters out of restaurants but the situation around dining out might change before March 26. By making this decision now we are mitigating risk and loss for our restaurant partners. 

This means our hype for Halifax Burger Week will be extended as we move the start date to June. We are working with our restaurants to extend the burger love a little longer, can you say Burger Month, but the details are still to be worked out. 

In the meantime, support Halifax restaurants as they navigate through these untested days. Consider purchasing gift cards now from participating restaurants to enjoy a #futureburger later.

If you are not sick and have some money go out—grab a burger, a slice, a taco, a coffee, a noodle bowl, a drink, a donair, might as well go for a soda and support your favourite local businesses. 

And we will meat you in burger town for #HFXBurgerWeek this June. 

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