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Enjoy your burgers in Fine Company – Meet Henry & Margaret

Enjoy your burgers in Fine Company – Meet Henry & Margaret

Our friends from Fine Company wanted to introduce themselves before Halifax Burger Week started!

They can’t wait for your to enjoy a lager or IPA with your HBW burgers!

Henry, is the casual, quick to laugh and even quicker to lend a hand guy. He’s got all kinds of stories and loves telling them. They may not all be true (they’re definitely not) but they’re still a pleasure to listen too. It’s why Henry makes for such fine company.

Then there is Margaret. We all know someone like Margaret from Plaster Rock – or Margy as her friends call her. It’s easy to become fast friends with Margy. She’s fun, outgoing, always up for a good time, and keeps a fresh perspective on things. She doesn’t raise her nose up at anybody. In fact, the thing she loves raising most is a good beer with good friends. When Margy’s around you know you’re in fine company.

Keep any eye out Henry & Margaret will be making a HBW contest announcement soon!

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