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Kimchi Burger Kit
$19.00 $2 to Feed NS

Beef, Feed NS

Enjoy the Burger Week experience at home with our Kimchi Burger Kit! Locally sourced beef patty with a bulgogi glaze served up on a fluffy Halifax Bread Factory burger bun, topped with toasted sesame mayo, pickled cucumbers, and Chloe’s Kimchi. We promise this burger will transport your tastebuds!

Available as a take-home kit (1, 2 & 4-person portion sizes) for curbside pick-up or delivery October 27-30.

This kit also comes with a side of house-made kettle chips and garlic aioli! To order, please visit the “Weekly Specials” section of our website (pre-order starting October 22).

Put your best burger forward for Halifax Burger Week with Kitchen Door’s Burger 101 Virtual Cooking Class! During this class, Chef Andrew will show you how to make a quick and easy spice blend that will take your beautiful beefy burgers to the next level, then top with our favourite burger sauce and fresh toppings! We also have a tasty Caesar Salad on the menu. Can you say yummy! “You Shop” & “We Shop” tickets available. For more information, please visit kitchendoor.c/events



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