Your 2016 Burger Ambassadors!

Your 2016 Burger Ambassadors!

For a month you submitted your best Burger Faces and we poured through the submissions in search for your 2016 Burger Ambassadors. There were ‘angry burgs’seals, children, couples braving the weather and even oyster shuckers turned burger lovers but none topped the burg love of our fearless Ambassadors: Chelsey Mock + Colin MacDonald!


When asked about their mission (to attack #HfxBurgerWeek with fervor and unbridled love for burgers) Ambassador Colin lamented:

“The most flavourful burger I have ever eaten was a deer burger deep in old Montreal. It was single patty with a simple sauce, but I’m still searching for a burger that is more delicious.” 

To which every restaurant in HRM responded, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

Ambassador Chelsey described her dedication to the cause:

“I did not choose the burg life… the burg life chose me.”

Spot the Ambassadors from March 18-24 as they eat their way through #HfxBurgerWeek on The Coast’s dollar!  They will be the ones with the Ambassador badges and the endless meat sweats!

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