Introducing our 2017 Burger Ambassadors

Introducing our 2017 Burger Ambassadors

It’s all wizards and burger-ific make-up hacks in 2017!

Meat Nick Greeno:
Screen-printer by day, Burger Wizard by night

“When I was a young lad I would spend my days exploring the Misty Mountains. One day I came upon a particularly enchanting chasm, emanating the most alluring smells of roast meat and fresh bread. I followed my nose to the back of a cave and found a frail old man huddled over a fire, quietly muttering to himself. The old man allowed me to be his apprentice and imparted on me his knowledge of buns baking, grilled meats, melted cheese, and condiment selection. I studied with him for so long I lost all track of time. When he could teach me no more I left to explore the Coasts and inlets of New Scotland to further my training. I had entered as a boy but left as… THE BURGER WIZARD.”

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Meat Kareina D’Souza:
Student bodies need to be fed too right? 

“My favourite burgers all have one thing in common – they’re hot hot hot! I love extra jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and my favourite hot sauce (which is currently Rudi’s Authentic Candy Reaper) . If I’m not crying after eating a burger, its not hot enough!

When asked about her Burger Ambassador entry photo Kareina said “I’ve always loved playing with makeup and even though I’m not nearly as talented as the make up artists I see online, I did some googling for inspiration and got started. It took about 30 minutes to do, mostly because the first time I did it it was too small (more like a slider than a burger) so I beefed it up a bit. I outlined the burger with eyeliner, then filled it in with eye shadow so it wasn’t too hard to pull off!”

We think this will be the how new Spring 2017 look!

Kareina plans to get lots of help through social media in creating her Burger Week journey.  “I want to try places I haven’t been to before, and burgers I wouldn’t normally order.” 

You can follow our Burger Ambassadors on their Social Media:

Nick’s Instagram: @backstageprinting
Nick’s Facebook: @backstageprinting
Nick’s Twitter: @backstageprint

Kareina’s Instagram – @kareinad
Kareina’s Twitter – @kareina_dsouza

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