GUEST BLOG POST: 7 tips for surviving Burger Week

Josh Rankin (AKA: Life of Burgers) gives you some tips from the trade of burger eating and burger loving.  You can check out his personal blog here!

Whether you are seasoned in the ways of weeklong burger binging or it’s your first time participating, Halifax Burger Week can become a very daunting task if approached the wrong way. But fear not! Over the last few Burger Weeks, I have found what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this burgtastic time of year, and it’s only fair that I share some pointers with you burger-loving Haligonians so that you can avoid a potentially embarrassing Burger Week mistake!


If you’re going big and looking to try as many burgers as you can cram into the week (and your mouth), you’re going to want to come up with a plan. There’s no shame in making a dedicated burger calendar for the week and scheduling burgers for every available moment. The week goes by pretty fast so also be ready to face the sad realization that you may not get to every burger you wanted to, but wipe away those burger tears cause there is always next year!


Halifax weather during this time of year can be unpredictable to say the least. Two years ago, there was a huge storm the night before Burger Week started so the next days people were climbing over snow banks to get their hands on a burg, but then the next day it was really nice and warm. So if you’re spending everyday eating multiple burgers, make sure you are dressed for the conditions but also comfortable enough so that you don’t feel restricted while devouring an obscene amount of beef.

That all being said, you should also try to have fun with your attire. Pick yourself up a burger week shirt from Fresh Prints (2411 Agricola St), or make your own burger inspired costume. There’s nothing wrong with showing how excited you are for the week, so let your burger flag fly!


When I was the Burger Ambassador I reached out to my group of friends and created Team LOB. Not only is it nice to always have people to eat with, your burger squad can motivate you to keep going, split a burger or two with you, and help you stand up after you have stuffed your fourth burger of the day into your already incredibly full stomach.

  1. MIX IT UP

It’s easy enough to just stick with your usual choices when it comes to types of burgers or where you eat them, but you should also use Burger Week as an excuse to try something new. Whether it is a topping you have never tried before or a restaurant you’ve never been to, it could end up being your next favourite thing.

Also, while the $6 burgers are a great, affordable way to experience this event, you should also splurge (if possible) on a few of the higher priced burgers. A portion of the money spent on each of these burgers goes to Feed Nova Scotia, which is an organization where every dollar goes a long way in helping to feed those in need.


During the meatiest week of the year, the primary focus when you visit a restaurant should be on the burger itself. The temptation to order a side with your burger is real, and if you’re only trying a handful of burgers over the week, by all means enjoy your fries, but if you’re doing multiple burgs a day, it is a rookie mistake to fill up on sides and lose valuable burger space.


This is the official hashtag of the week and it is a great resource to help you find your next stop. Getting to see what other people thought about the different burgers can be a determining factor in whether or not a certain burger is for you. Be sure to use #HFXBurgerWeek on any social media tweets and photos and share your burger thoughts with your fellow burger lovers.


It’s safe to say that Burger Week draws an impressive amount of people. With the large number of hungry Haligonians wanting to sink their teeth into every burger in sight, restaurants can get really busy. You will probably have to wait for a table and/or longer for your food, but that’s just how it goes. It’s (usually) not a staff members fault so don’t be rude/complain about having to wait a bit longer for your burger. The staffs at Burger Week restaurants generally have to work a lot more hours, which probably means they don’t get to try many burgers themselves (which is horrible enough), all so you can chow down, so don’t be that person. It’s just burgers.


Have any other tips or tricks that you swear by for Burger Week? Follow Josh on Twitter and Instagram, and let him know how you survive the week!

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