A day in the life of the Hop City #BurgerSquirrel

A day in the life of the Hop City #BurgerSquirrel

You know him as the #BurgerSquirrel but we wanted to show you what a day in his burger-lovin’ life was like. He has migrated down from New Brunswick to enjoy tasty burgs for one week only, a cheat week his burrow mates allow him to take part in.

Every morning he grabs a cuppa (preferably with a hazelnut shot) and begins his morning exercises which often include a bit of cardio and stretching to work off the copious amount of burgers he consumed the eve before.  After this he likes to catch up on the weekly news.  His job is to spread the Burger Week love and the only way he knows how to do that is to give away free burgers.

While it might be a cold and typical Canadian spring, the #BurgerSquirrel is not discouraged by the snow on the ground. He eagerly cleans off his #MINIburger every morning before heading to the city to share and spread the Burger Week joy.

No matter where he goes, the #BurgerSquirrel is recognized by his adoring fans. Whether they’re chasing his tail for a free burger or one of his popular squelfies (squirrel selfies), he always has time – and burgers – for his admirers.

Handing out burgers would make anyone peckish. Therefore, in between handing out free burgers and taking squelfies, the #BurgerSquirrel makes time to indulge in his own delicious burger. However, with over 75 restaurants to choose from, the decision on where to eat can be a tricky one, especially when he’s trying to fill up his passport.

When he’s not eating burgers, he’s most likely talking about them. The #BurgerSquirrel loves being on T.V to express his love for Burger Week. Whether he’s sharing his experiences or being treated on-air to different kinds of burgers, if there’s any word of burgers, the #BurgerSquirrel will be there. Besides, who wouldn’t love being featured on T.V to eat burgers?

On or off camera, there is no place that the #BurgerSquirrel will not hide away to enjoy a tasty burger proving that he is never full. Whether he’s lounging at the park or avoiding the crowds by scurrying to the forest, the #BurgerSquirrel will almost always have his cheeks stuffed with overwhelming, mouth-watering flavours.

Before winding down and returning to his drey, the #BurgerSquirrel heads out to have his final burger of the day accompanied with a Barking Squirrel. He will then say his goodbyes to the wait staff and kitchen staff, thanking them for all of their hard work during Burger Week.

Once home, the #BurgerSquirrel will comb his fur ridding of any evidence of the burger-filled day he had. He then crawls into his nest and checks social media, following #HfxBurgerWeek, to explore all the burger possibilities for the day ahead of him.  

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